A development that has become international
The opening up of international markets is one of the most decisive elements of corporate development. No manager can afford to ignore this today.

The concept of JPA International was developed by Jacques Potdevin and his vision became reality when, in 1987, the network was created in order to help professional accountants members to grow and develop internationally. Initially, the network was European, but it has rapidly spread worldwide.

Our experience in the JPA International network has consistently shown us that success in foreign markets does not depend solely on knowledge of laws and regulations. This is equally valid for foreign companies and their activities in Germany.

It is at this point that a medium-sized consultancy in an active network can make use of close contacts to foreign partners. Besides expert qualifications in the fields required our local partners also have the necessary practical knowledge of regional specific circumstances and mentalities. We are of course well aware that medium-sized enterprises will most probably have different focuses and objectives than those of subsidiaries of an international concern.

Our consultancy takes international issues into consideration. As our client you can profit from our international contacts, know-how, and information provided by our colleagues and friends in the JPA International network.

JPA International is a network of medium sized independent member firms, of comparable structure sharing:
  - the same ambition of high quality and personal service
  - the same ethical standards based on our values of professionalism and independence.

Our relationship within the JPA International network allows us to be involved together in the development of technical knowledge, the distribution of software, exchange of experience and to participate in multidisciplinary training programmes.

JPA International represents:


•  52 countries

•  150 firms

•  45 000 clients worldwide

Visit our website: http://www.jpainternational.com

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